Project Management

Project Management at Druai Consulting is handled by Ceal Craig. Ceal has more than 30 years of experience in high tech management covering a wide range of industries including networking equipment, computer components, printed circuit assemblies, and disk drives. As both a technology director and program management director for Fortune 500 companies, Ceal is noted for her organization, leadership, and project management skills as well as her ability to quickly meld into a role or project and become effective.

Projects Types

Short-term projects are given the highest consideration.


Compensation is negotiable with favor shown to interesting projects. The company is in a position to accept compensation in the form of equity if the project is both interesting and appears promising in the market. Some projects may be taken on a non-fee basis if the project is interesting enough.

Clients and Employers

Past clients and employers include IBM, Blade Network Technologies, Tandem, Siemens, Rockwell International, Xerox, and Maxtor. Resumes are available upon request.


Contact CealCraig[at]Druai[dot].com if you are interested

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