Software Development

Software Development at Druai Consulting is handled by Tim Craig. Tim is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in high tech software and engineering development including simulation, factory automation, robotics, data acquisition, instrumentation, and computer control.

Projects Types

Project types of interest can vary widely but usually share the common trait of involving the computer interfacing to or controlling a piece of physical hardware. Examples include data acquisition from an instrument or the computer controlling a robot or other piece of factory automation equipment. Some engineering or scientific applications not involving hardware may be considered.


The company expertise extends to decades of programming PC computers running various Microsoft operating systems. We have some experience with microcontrollers, particularly the PIC family. The language of choice is C++. Projects may be accepted in C for the microcontrollers if there isn't a suitable C++ compiler available. Assembly language is used only for very low level funcitions and interfacing requirements where a high level language won't work.


Compensation is negotible with favor shown to interesting projects. The company is in a position to accept compensation in the form of equity if the project is both interesting and appears promising in the market. Some projects may be taken on a nonfee basis if the project is interesting enough.

Clients and Employers

Past clients and employers include Rockwell International, Xerox, Apple, Tencor Instruments, Perkin Elmer, and Scientific Software (now a part of Agilent). Resumes are available upon request.


Tim is currently available. Contact Tim at to discuss your project.