Competition Robots Built byTeam 1120
Robot Year Name Description
Picture of Team 1120's first robot, Hadji 2003 Hadji This was the first robot built by Team 1120. It was built to play Stack Attack.
Picture of Wendy the 2003 Cal Games robot. 2003 Wendy I This robot was built to try out new techniques and competed in Cal Games.
Picture of Tinkerbell I 2004 Tinkerbell I This robot took the Silver Medal that the Sacramento FIRST Regional.
Picture of Tinkerbell II 2004 Tinkerbell II Tinkerbell improved to compete in Cal Games.
Picture of Wendy II 2004 Wendy II Wendy was modifed to be a defensive robot and entered into Cal Games.
Picture of Plato 2005 Plato Plato was designed to play Triple Play a game of tetrahedrons.
Picture of Tommy the Pinball Wizard 2006 Tommy Tommy the Pinball Wizard was built to compete in Aim High.